Youth Awakening Festival(12-23 January, 2014)



Morning Rally(12th Jan)

 The chilling morning of 12th January was shaken up by the burning enthusiasm of hundreds of youth of Pantnagar who had gathered to mark the beginning of International Youth Day. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, an Indian shooter and silver medalist of 2004  Olympics; a recipient of Padma Shri and Arjuna Award, was present to encourage the students and aggrandize their passion. He charged the youth masses by making them do push ups on the beats of Vande Matram. It was indeed a unique and memorable event which sparked off the fortnight long celebration of the youth festival in the right gusto. The other dignitories present were D.Bhanudasji, Dr.Brijesh Singh ji, Dr.Atul Kumar ji, Dr.S.K.Kashyapji, and Shri ShubhasChaturvediji.


Swadhyay Publication Book cover 

Book released during conference

Esteemed dignitaries of conference


Swami Chinmayanadji addressing the audience

Group photograph of conference delegates

Manthan: Youth Conference on Social Entrepreneurship(12-13th Jan)

The inaugural session was instigated with the lamp lighting before Swamiji. The eminent dignitaries like, Swami Chinmayanandji(saint RKM), Swami Durganandji, Shri Vireshwarji, Shri RajyaVardhan Singh Rathoreji, Shri R.L.Rainaji and Shri Anil Joshi ji graced the occasion with their vital presence.

Dr. S. K. Kashyap, Professor, Agricultural Communication and the organizing Secretary of the NYC 2014, expounded the significance of the Youth Day and the role of the Swamiji in the process of nation building. He deliberated that the challenge lies in the revival of the energy and the souls present dormant inside the youth and only some spark is needed to recuperate it.

Social Entrepreneurship: - This is the compendium of the paper and the ideas submitted by all the students in the conference.
The Quest of Humming bees: - It is an interesting four-coloured booklet of about hundred pages with stories and anecdotes to answer important problems of day to day life. A must keep and must read for all.
Session 1
It involved keynote addresses by dignitaries.
Keynote addresses by Vireshwarji:
The problem in the today’s youthis that it cannot find mature friends. Our elders provide us with the experiencing thoughts and it’s our responsibility to work upon them. Being a YUVA is not determined by your age but the zeal which lies within you. People say that it is the circumstances that make a man but it’s not true. The truth is it’s the man who creates the circumstances. Read more>>
Session 2: Creative Idea Contest Presentation
The idea of social entrepreneurship is just so incomplete without novelty and ingenuity. Only the man who crafts a new idea for the betterment of the society would pave his path to success. The presentation session was there in which around 29 teams presented up their ideas. A lot of ideas were presented on the background of creating a structure for the betterment of the society like waste management that tends to solve the problems of hygiene and sanitation, ecotourism that moves in the direction of conservation of the environment and cultural heritage of the villages, providing employment opportunities for disabled by the establishment of the pickle industry, improvement in the agriculture sector by fodder crops and farm management, pollution control by solar cycles etc. These plans intended to make a sustainable change in the society.
Around 22 teams actively participated in the poster presentation and conveyed their ideas of social entrepreneurship, the myths and realities related to it, its scope, etc. in their own ingenious ways. Besides this, the zealous participants enthusiastically explained their portrayal of social entrepreneurship with vibrant pictures and deliberated perceptions.
Since this was the occasion of the completion of 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand, a mono-act performance presented by gifted artist Mr. Damodar Ram Dasiji was organized on 12th January 2014, dedicated to Swamiji (his life and teachings). The one and a half hours performance left the audience with a feeling of divine presence of Swamiji as they lived the various incidents of his life which had come alive by the emphatic and dedicated act of Damodar ji. It was an honour to witness such lively and act. In the end all the performers were presented with mementoes.
Day 2 of the conference began by paying reverence to the high ideals of Swami Vivekanand and as an expression of our submission towards his high teachings, all dignitaries and delegates offered flowers in front of Swami ji’s portrait. Thia was followed by some more keynote addresses by dignitaries.
Creative ideas were put forward by the luminaries on the topics related to social entrepreneurship as follows-
-Social Entrepreneurship- myths, realities and trends with an eye on future
-Social Entrepreneurship- perspective of Health, Education and Environment
-Generating the vigor of Social Entrepreneurship- the Leap Over
-The Youth Perspective- An idea to transform the nation.
The road map designing or the way to social entrepreneurship was an interactive session in which the students were supposed to tête-à-tête about various aspects of social entrepreneurship. The session was steered by Mr. Avinashi Sharan and Mr. Sushant Kumar, alumni of the University and members of VSM. Students said that they are well established in themselves and since this society has contributed a lot for them, it’s time to return it back to the society. Then they discussed about the challenges present in the path to become a social entrepreneur and the possible ways to overcome such challenges. Taking up the social venture as a spirit, we must try to take up an idea and develop it. As Swamiji has also said that take up an idea, live it, dream about it. One need to think about his targets and have detailed knowledge on each and every aspect related to this target. With sufficient amount of knowledge, one can fully utilize the capitals present with him in order to get success in his venture.


 Udbhav: National Debate Competetion(14-15th Jan, 2014)

The topic to be conferred was, “Is Indian Youth fully engrossed with Consumerist Western Philosophy and going directionless.” Shri Gajendra Singh, ex advocate, Uttrakhand High Court, Shri Bindesh Gupta, ex advocate, Uttrakhand High Court.

The ones who supported the notion alleged that our edifications is of money-making and comfort building rather than man-making and character building had made us self-centered and obnoxious. Due to consumerism, people tend to opt for easy money-making jobs and have completely shunned out their creativity. Youth has become a short term thinker thinking only about the present and entirely forgetting about the future. Indian philosophy believed in education which helps to gain knowledge and getting discipline and not in building money making machines. This consumerist approach has increased corruption in the country.

Those who were in opposition quantified that even though Indian youth is influenced by western culture but they still believe in Indian philosophy of “Vasudev Kutumbakam” .Taking veracious benefit from the western philosophy is not wrong by any means, even Swami Vivekananda stated that we need to adopt technology from the west in order to flourish. The western philosophy has reduced many social evils like racial discrimination, gender biasness etc. It is the Indian youth only who is actively taking up Agribusiness Management, Social Entrepreneurship and Rural Development as a career option with a motive to bring about transformation in the society and is becoming the harbinger of the culture and spreading it globally.  

 The winners were as follows:

1st – Shweta Gupta, GBPUAT, Pantnagar
2nd – Harpreet Singh, Lovely professional University
Consolation prize:
1. Lubna Irfan, Aligarh Muslim University
2. Mrigana Bohra, Lovely professional University
Special Recognition:
1. Zaara, Maharana Pratap University
2. Arzoo Snigdha, Makhanlal Chaturvedi University
3. Achala
Team Prize: Winners - Lovely professional University, Punjab
Runners up – Maharana Pratap University, Udaipur


1st – Shubhendu Satyadev, Deen Dayal Upadhyay University
2nd – Kanchan Kandpal, GBPUAT, Pantnagar
Consolation prize:
2. Tanya Jhukariya, Maharana Pratap University, Udaipur
Special Recognition:
1. Manoj Yadav , Delhi University
2. Pathan Rashib
3. Swayam Vaid, Birsa Agric ultural University
Team Prize: Winners – Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University
Runners up – Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University


 Orator of the zone

In order to get inured with the public speaking, a zonal level debate competition is organized which creates a platform for the school students. There were around 60 participants all over the zone including Rudrapur, Haldwani, Kiccha, Lalkuan and Pantnagar itself. The event was organized at two levels with classes 6th to 8th forming the junior level and classes 9th to 12th comprising of the senior level. The topic for the senior level was ‘Should punishment for heinous crimes be same for a juvenile and an adult?’ while that of junior level was ‘do daily soaps pose hindrance in mental growth of a child’. Students presented their opinions strongly in the favor and against the issues. It was heartening to see the enthusiastic aura created by the young children while controlling the inexorable anxiety and increasing heart beats.


Netritva: The Leadership Hunt

 Seventy teams, each team with a minimum of three and maximum of five members, were registered for this event. Each team was provided with a socially sensitive issue and an area within the periphery of Pantnagar to work upon. In the initial round, the teams had to conduct a survey.  Almost 3800 people of the campus were touched through these survey sheets. The data so collected from survey was documented in the form of graphs. Shortly, the winning of competition made the jealous participants to explore their creativity and also hailed the sensitizing topic in their lives. Team work was another elusive but imperative learning aspect for the participants of this contest.
The teams were reduced to 33 in the second round of this ostentatious upheaval. All of these teams designed their tactics methodically to evacuate the corresponding problems that were allotted to them. The liveliness, bustle and commitment was worth appreciating.  
Following were the winning teams in the leadership hunt:
1st – Team 21 (Badlaav)
2nd – Team 02 (The Glitz)
3rd – Team 49 (Advitiya)
Most energetic team – Team 01 (Verve 5)
Most innovative team – Team 08 (Jagriti)