Youth Awakening Festival 2012

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Lamp Lightening by Shri Pranav Pandya, Head, Gayatri Pariwar

Releasing book 'Saving Humanity: Swami Vivekanand Perspective'

Keynote Address By Sushri Nivedita Bhide, VP, Vivekanand Rock Memorial

Band Performance by 'Eternal Bliss'

International Youth Conference on Integral Humanism(12-13th January, 2012)

G . B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar has organized International Youth Conference on Youth for Integral Humanism, the first conference of its kind to commemorate Swami Vivekananda’ s 150th birth anniversary.
The conference was organized on 12-13 Jan 2012 in Pantnagar to bring the learned scholars and youth on same platform to discuss the relevance of Swami Vivekananda and his thoughts in present context. The conference witnessed more than 300 participants along with few foreign delegates. The participant group was varied ranging from professionals across the country to students representing universities covering whole of India from Meghalaya in East to Rajasthan in West and Tamil Nadu in South to Punjab in North to foreign delegates from neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya and Uganda.

Sushri Nivedita Bhide, Vice President, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari; Shri Dattatreya Hosabale, a social reformer; Shri Jagdish Upasane, Executive Editor, India Today(Hindi, recently retd.); Dr. Shashi Dhiman, VC, H.P Tech University; Dr. Ashok Bhaskarwar, HOD, Deptt. Of Chemical Engg, IIT Delhi;  Dr. Nandita Pathak, Deendayal Research Institute, Chitrakoot; Sri Ravi Kumar, Global Convener, Sewa International; Sri Rajendra Chaddha, National Joint Convener, Prajna Pravah; Shri. Ajay Rastogi, Environmentalist, and Mr. Raghav Garg, founder, DIA initiatives were there to guide the sessions. The two day long International Youth Conference was inaugurated on 12th Jan by the Chief Guest, Shri Pranav Pandya ji, Hon’ble Chancellor of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalay. Dr .B. S. Bisht, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of G. B .Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Pantagar and Patron of this endeavor presided over the session. The event was inaugurated in the presence of DR. J. Kumar, Registrar, G. B. Pant University, Dr. A K
Karnatak, Dean Student Welfare, Dr. G.K. Singh, Dean, college of Veterinary Sciences and President, VSM , Guest of Honor Shri Dattatreya Hosabale, a renowned social activist, Special Guest Shri Manoj Joshi, Managing Director Shikhar group and other honorable dignitaries

The compendium of papers received from the participants of the conference throughout the world was released in a book titled 'Saving Humanity: Swami Vivekanand Perspective' by the hon'ble chief guest. The main themes of the sessions of the conference were 'Swami Vivekananda: applicability of his philosophy and thoughts in present context', 'Integrated development for happiness and satisfaction', 'Universal harmony and broader tolerance', 'Saving Earth: an activist approach'

Under the guidance of such learned scholars, philosophers and social workers, the gathering of students, faculties and youth churned out some very significant ideas and action plans to implement based on Swamiji's thoughts to improve and emancipate individual lives and aid in the development of society.

Apart from this, the cultural night was materialized by the mesmerizing performance of vedic hymns on rock music by the famous 'Eternal Bliss' band which was a unique and unparalleled blend of rock music with spirituality. They paid a befitting tribute to Swamiji by dedicating a song written on the life and message of our ideal, Swami Vivekanand.


A participant sharing his views in national debate

Giving prize to the winners of national debate

 Udbhav: National Debate Competition(14-15th January, 2012)

An Inter University National Debate on the topic “Can Nation Building Be Shouldered By Present Day Impulsive Youth?” was organized on 14-15 January 2012. Students from 23 universities all across the country right from Tamil Nadu Agriculture University ,Tamil Nadu to Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu  participated in the event. The debate was organized separately in Hindi and English language. The inaugural session was graced by the presence of Dr. Gautam Kallu, who presided as the Chief Guest of the inaugural session.
Some participants favored the dynamism of modern youth and openly supported their vigour, stating that they are the ‘building block’ of our nation. “They are the leaders tomorrow!” said a participant from Delhi University. The energy of a youth today, is unquestionable, said a participant from Devi Ahilya University, & the only challenge, which lies in front of them is to channelize this very energy, in the right direction. Youth stands for growth, for change, for evolution, for revolution, remarked a student of G.B. Pant University. Also there were some youth, who were there to challenge the very ‘impulsiveness’ of youth, being youth themselves! Those speaking against the motion said the youth are blindly imitating the western world and grasping all negativity from them; they behave irresponsibly and cannot be shouldered with the task of nation building!
The English and Hindi debate was judged by Dr. B.B. Singh, former Director Communication, G.B.PUA&T and Dr. M.P Saxena. Occasion was graced by the presence of Dr. H.P Singh deputy Director General Horticulture, ICAR. Chairpersons for various sessions were Mr. Kuldeep Singh (India polymers.),  Mr.Sumit Doseja; Plant Head, Minda Co., Mr. Pawan Aggarwal; Managing Director Lee Castle Hotel.
In English category, winning Team was Aligarh Muslim University and runner up was Orissa Agriculture University, individual 1st Prize won by Shiva Sharma from Devi Ahilya University, 2nd prize was won by Mrityunjay Kumar Jha from Maharana Pratap University of agriculture and technology  and Deepti Kothari from GBPUA&T,3rd prize was bagged by Anshi Gupta from GBPUA&T -Pantnagar and  Shafey A. Haque from Aligarh Muslim university while Consolation prize was awarded to Roja Piyush from Bihar Agriculture University.
In Hindi category, Winning Team was Devi Ahiliya University and runner up team was from Makhan Lal Chaturvedi National University. Individual 1st Prize was won by Parakram S.Shekhavat from Makhan lal Chaturvedi National University, 2nd prize won by Shubhendra Satyadeo from Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University, 3rd prize was bagged by Neeraj Verma from Devi Ahilya university while Consolation prize was awarded to Vireshwar Tomar from GBPUA&T, Pantnagar.


View of campaigning by a team


A team collecting garbage during campaigning

 Netritva: Leadership Hunt

The leadership Hunt Contest , Netritiva ,is a single event of its own kind which has the might to agitate the entire University , to whirl the thought process students, to foray the most efficient leaders and to sensitize the mass towards social issues .

The panorama of this mass movement could be well visualized in the campus. Those were the days of social awakening! While the Baddi market reverberated with the slogans for conservation of natural resources, some ten odd students marched for joining Indian Army. The walls of the hostels and market were cluttered with the posters that pleaded the ill effects of consumption of junk food. The roads were chalked with the quotes imploring for playing outdoor games. Pamphlets to promote social entrepreneurship were distributed at large .Counseling sessions against drug addiction were organized. Some handful of students picked up the garbage on the roads and planted trees to keep the surroundings clean. This was just a glance of the mammoth event that shook the University for 15 days , the imprints of which can still be seen in the streets of Pantnagar.

    Eighty eight teams, each team with a minimum of three and maximum of five members, were registered for this event. In the initial round , each team had to conduct a survey among atleast 75 people. This ensured that almost 3750 people of the campus were touched through these survey sheets. The data so collected from survey was documented in the form of graphs. Soon, the question of winning the contest turned into sensitization towards the gravity of the problem.

The teams were reduced to 28 in the second round of this grand revolution. For the 18 teams selected for final round, the teams were required to depict their theme using any method, through skit, presentation, movie, group discussion and so on; provided the time limit doesn’t exceeds 5 minutes. This occasion was graced by the presence of Honb’le Vice –Chancellor, Dean of Student’s Welfare, Dean of CBSH and other eminent dignitaries of the university. Towards the end, Honb’le Vice Chancellor, Dr.B.S.Bisht,  congratulated and appreciated the efforts of the young participants in raising voice in support of these themes- which concerned the social issues and problems.
The winners were then declared as follows :
First: Team Pehal, Second : Team R4Y, Third : Team
    Dr. Bisht distributed the prize to the winners and expected that every team would remain firm and faithful to the commitment they have made during this program.


Winners of zonal level oratory contest

Creative Art Contest, Painting Contest and Orator of the Zone

For the school students of all ages, YUVA 2012 came with equal opportunities. Students displayed their oratory skills while competing at zonal level, while younger aged children displayed their creativity to the fullest through their painitngs and crafts which made us wonder at the novelty and vibrance treasured within these young buds.

An enthusiastic kid displaying her craft