Youth Awakening Festival 2011

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Youth Rally on YOUTH AGAINST ADDICTION (12th Jan, 2011)

Vivekanand Swadhyay Mandal and Sanskritik Chetna Parishad organised a youth rally on January 12th which aimed at spreading the message of an addiction free society. It also marked the celebration of Swami Vivekanand Jayanti and the commemoration of the 13 days’ National Youth Awakening Festival YUVA. The rally started from Stevenson’s Stadium and was guided and led by honourable Vice Chancellor Dr. B. S. Bisht, DSW Dr. A. K. Karnatak, Dr. S. K. Kashyap and was accompanied by the Gawaniyar Group who came to perform in the evening. The rally covered the whole periphery around the hostels and was joined by more than 300 University students to awaken the residents of Pantnagar against the evil tentacles of addiction. The enthused students shouted slogans that echoed through the hostels and streets. The rally culminated at Gandhi Bhavan with the speech and pledge given by Vice-Chancellor Dr. Bisht who swore the students with the oath to fight against this lurking social evil.

  Anand Leher: The Cultural fest of Gawaniyaar troupe (12th Jan, 2011)

After the inauguration ceremony, the first event which filled everyone’s soul with the aroma of Rajasthan was ‘Anand Leher’ a cultural night in crowded Gandhi Hall. The Gawaniyar Troupe hailing from Rajasthan with their enriched and marvellous performance mesmerized all the audience present there. Everyone was enforced to tap their feet on the rhythm of energising and motivating songs. ‘Meri Aawaz Suno’ a skit presented by the troupe depicted the evils of the society in the present scenario and urged the youth to stand against the wide spread social evil. This was not all enough; they came up with another great puppet show with two lucrative puppets “Gyani Baba” and “Muhfat Lal”, catching the eyes of all the audience.


Udbhav: The National Debate on “India will emerge as world superpower only with the contribution of its young population” (15-16th Jan, 2011)

Vivekananda Swadhyay Mandal and Sanskritic Chetna Parishad organised ‘UDHBAV’ a national debate on the aforesaid topic.  The event was inaugurated by honourable Vice Chancellor Dr. B.S. Bisht, Dean of College of Agriculture Dr. S.K. Saini, and Dean of student Welfare Dr. A.K. Karnatak. The Chief Guest of the event was Dr. Vinay Kumar Pathak, Vice Chancellor, Open Uttarakhand University. In jury were Dr. B.B. Singh, Shri Sumit Doseja and Dr. M.P. Saxena. Students from different corner of the country participated enthusiastically in the national debate. The universities which took part in the competition were Delhi University, Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Annamalai University, Jama Milia Islamia, AP I.I.I.T, Ambedkar Assam Agriculture University, I.M.C. and many more.

Dr. Kashyap explained about what debating is all about. He said “A single sentence spoken at the dais by a person produces very different views about him/her. Whole existence is at stake while speaking on dais. The programme came to an end by the conclusion that youth alone does not have the vision which may lead to the growth of the nation; only with the able and expert guidance of willing teachers and mentors, can the youth energy prove beneficial for the country. The main motto of this event was to sensitize the students of Pantnagar and other universities about the development needs of the country, their unparalleled role in this process and to promote the knowledge of present scenario within them.
Devi Ahilya University, Indore emerged as the winners of the contest whereas Gorakhpur University emerged as runners up.



President IAMD, Ms. Sanjana Goel


Mr. Ravi Kumar

 Manthan: The National Youth symposium on Generation on Youth Leadership(17th-18th Jan, 2011)

Vivekanand Swadhyay Mandal organised a two days National Youth Symposium where about 150 students across the country from Tamilnadu in the South to Orrisa in East and Delhi, Hariyana and UP in the North have participated. The event was inaugurated in the presence of Dr. J Kumar, Acting Vice-Chancellor, Pantnagar University, Dr. A K Karnatak, Dean Student Welfare, Dr. B Kumar, Director Communication and Chief Guest Dr. S. P. Mishra, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Dev Sanskriti Viswavidhyalaya Haridwar. Two prominent guest of the event were Ms. Sanjana Goel, President, Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy, and her brother Atul Goel, and Mr. Pradeep Raj, Gold medallist at Para-Olympics. Shri Ravi kumar, founder Seva International, Dr. Sudhanshu Trivedi, Alumni of Pantnagar University and a renowned political thinker and Sri Rajendra Chaddha, National Joint Convener, Prajna Pravah were there to chair the sessions.
The first session was initiated by Dr. S P Mishra, Vice-Chancellor, Dev Sanskriti Viswavidhyalaya Haridwar. He elaborated on the qualities of leaders like Leaders do not give into circumstances, they create circumstances. The second session was taken by Mr. Ravi Kumar who gave up his professional life to serve the country and spread its glory to the whole world. He asserted that India’s lost glory was being recognised from all corners of the world. He exemplified every aspects of his speech with apt examples of every fieldand thus, logically concluded that all of our modern world discoveries and innovations trace back to find roots in the Indian heritage. An energizing activity then followed in which the participants were divided into four groups and given a relevant topic to discuss upon. Ideas about Youth, Their Needs, Opportunities,Roles, Challenges, etc. continued to be exchanged and fructified in the form of four models of leadership generation which were subsequently presented.
The last session was open for all and guided by Dr. B Kumar, Director Communication and Dr. S K Kashyap, Associate Professor, Agricultural Communication. Deliberations of the last two Days sessions were framed together to something concrete and led to some valuable suggestion:
· Youth leadership to be introduced as an compulsory course.
· Involvement of teachers is very important.
· Leaders are to be ‘caught young’.
· Bridging the gap between the different points at which work is continuing.
· Need to develop ourselves to deMr. Ravi Kumarvelop others.
· Proposition of a common forum and initiation of Youth Leadership movement across the country with the contribution of all present
The results of the Paper presentation were 1st Ankit Tewari and Milin Mittal from GBPUA&T, Pantnagar 2nd Shivani Bhatia and Shasnk from GBPUA&T, Pantnagar 3rd Lakshi and Ranjani from TNAU, Tamilnadu


 The Great Mime Show- Abhivyakti (17th Jan, 2011)

On 17th Jan, 2011, Gandhi Auditorium resonated with the fabulous performance of pantomimes from Kolkata. Abhivyakti- the mime show by the artists of Indian Mime Theatre, Kolkata, was headed by Padmshri Shri Niranjan Goswami who has already taken the art of “Mukhabhinaya” to new heights. The hall was honoured with the presence of various dignitaries like Ms. Sanjana
Goyal, President IAMD; Shri Pradeep Raj, GS Indian Paralympics Association and Dr. Ravi Kumar, Vedic Mathematician. Dr. J. Kumar, acting Vice Chancellor and Dr. A. K. Karnatak, Dean Student Welfare were also present. The fabulous eve started with the inspirational songs and saraswati vandana by the members of Vivekanand Swadhyay Mandal, the society that hosted the event. The whole show was fragmented into ten smaller acts. The mime team of eleven members included four deaf and dumb performers. With profuse usage of expressions and body language without any other prop, the group presented Various acts like ‘balloons’, ‘photo session’, ‘curiosity’ and many amused the audience with its uniqueness and novelty for two hours
At the end of the show, Shri Niranjan Goswami introduced the non- verbal art of mime to the audience. He said,” We create everything out of nothing. We use imaginary objects and treat them as real.” Vote of thanks by Dr. Shivendra Kashyap, Staff Counsellor, VSM concluded the mesmerising event.


Netritva: The Leadership Hunt Contest (18th-28th Jan, 2011)

The leadership hunt contest is being organised in YUVA 2011 by Vivekanand Swadhyay Mandal and Sanskritik Chetna Parishad. The main motto of this contest is to spread the awareness regarding various social issues through the youth of the university and search out the leadership qualities among the students. Awareness regarding various social issues taken up by the student teams is spread and a positive environment is created by the participants through their campaigning in the university.
This contest was held from 18th – 28th January 2011, in which 48 teams participated. Each team had been provided with topics based on social concern and issues. All teams made awareness programme by organizing street play, rally, poster, surveys, quiz competitions for school children, games and cleanliness programme in schools, colonies, hostels, market and in labour colonies of Pantnagar. In this contest ‘SANKALP team got first prize, ‘VIVACIOUS’ stood second and ZARVS got third prize. The winner team got prize money of Rs. 10,000, a certificate of Merit and memento. All the participants got certificate of participation. Dean Student Welfare Dr. A K Karnatak, Dr. Veer Singh and Dr. S K Kashyap motivated the students to go for such type of social activities in future as well. Through this competition the students and university residents became concerned about the society and also about their own health. A hope is there that these participants will not restrain their efforts only to the competition but will also spread the awareness and will propagate their topic in future for the betterment of our society, nation and tradition and culture of our nation.

Culmination and Subhash Jayanti Celebration(23rd Jan,2011) 

The enthusiastic, exuberant and lively span of YUVA which enthralled the entire university with vibes of energy and optimism finally proceeded towards its end on 23rd January. This day, we all salute the noble grit of the great freedom fighter, Subhash Chandra Bose and rejuvenate his high ideals, as it was on this day that this hero was born. The program was held at conference hall of College of Basic Sciences and Humanities. The program began at around 9:00 am which was presided over by Dean Student Welfare, Dr. A. K. Karnatak. The event began with the ceremonial lamp lighting followed by a soulful hymn, Saraswati Vandana. The next was a presentation which encompassed all the event of “YUVA’11” The participants of NETRITVA—The Leadership Hunt also attended this culmination, sharing their very experiences during campaigning; the challenges which they had overcome and those which were ahead. Then the Staff Counsellor of Vivekanand Swadhyay Mandal, Dr. S. K. Kashyap gave a speech on the life of Netaji Subhash, that how this man went on to carve his destiny. The overwhelming courage he had and his firm conviction on his men that led him to from the Indian National Army. He was a warrior and so far an able leader whose acumen trusted far with heroic deeds. Dr. A. K. Karnatak also deeply recognised the efforts of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in the struggle for freedom and saluted his valour. This program concluded thereafter with the ambience being patriotic intermingled with the high ideals of the great freedom fighters. ‘YUVA’—The festival of the youth thus concluded peacefully, on the birthday of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, who himself was in favour of young dynamism.