Orator of the Zone


Knowing something is different but 90% of the weight lies in how you present your ideas to the public. Do the audience really start living and imagining your words? Are you able to transmit the frenzy through your speech or are you just another speaker? This is all that matters in this competition.

Orator of the Zone, a speech competition to test the oratory skills of school students was organised on 10th january as part of Youth Festival celebrations. The event was organized at two levels with classes 6th to 8th forming the junior level and classes 9th to 12th being the senior level.

In junior as well as senior level total 60 students participated and shared their views in relevance to the topic whether grading system in class X boards is justified or not.It was heartening to see young children striving to give their best delivery while controlling the inevitable nervousness and increasing heart beats. The winners were only three but all participants improved over their previous performances and this was the true spirit behind the event.



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