Leadership Hunt

Leadership Hunt contest, the unique effort to touch whole university at a time was initiated on 19th January and was succesfully completed on 30th of January. 50 teams each comprising 3-5 members registered for the event. A unique event of its own kind that had the might to agitate the entire University, to whirl the thought process of students and to churn out the most efficient leaders of the University campus. The panorama of the revolution can be well visualized. Those were the days of mass agitation! Those were the days of social awakening. While the main market reverberated with the slogans of leading addiction free life, the walls of hostels and colleges were cluttered with the postors pleading for giving up junk food. The roads were chalked with the quotes imploring for joining Indian Army. Candle March, Road Shows, distribution of badges, tree plantations, picking up the garbage on roads etc. became the talk of the town. This grand event shook the Universty for 15 days the imprints of which can still be seen in the streets of Pantnagar.
Initially the students cosidered this event as contest but later on they realized thes social issues at the grass root level. This sensitization towards socialissues was important.
Some of the problems that were assigned tothe students were
  • Declining interest in outdoor physical sports
  • Declining interest in reading good books
  • Growing inclination topwards junk food
  • Join Indian Army
  • Conservation of environment and natural resources
  • Growing addiction for liquor and many more.

In the first round of the contest , the students had to conduct the survey to reach to the root cause of the problem. They had to design a plan at macro and micro leveland implement it to curb the problem in the second round. In the third round they were supposed to campaign for their cause and the final round was extempore .

Team Cipher won the contest .

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