National Youth Symposium


"THE MANTHAN" : National symposium on National Security & Role of Youth inaugurated on 12th January, 2009 by Former governor of Assam and Jammu and Kashmir Shri S.K. Sinha and Former Director of C.B.I. Shri Joginder Singh. Other dignitaries present on the occasion were Former MP and chairman seed certification Shri Balraj Pasi, Shri Manoj Joshi (Chairman Shikhar Group), Vice Chancellor Dr. B. S. Bisht, Dean Dr.G.K.Singh and Dean Student Welfare Dr. A. K. Karnatak.
Apart from this, the participants also included the student representatives of various Universities. Our Mentor and Guide Dr. B. Kumar Sir formally introduced symposium "MANTHAN" to the Youth delegates. He said that Universities are not made by machines, motors or bricks and mud, but by conscious youth. Youth should be ready to hold all national and social responsibilities. "Who will work to sensitize youth if not Universities", he asked.
"Terrorism: The human face"- the movie displayed on the occasion depicted how the youth is affected by the terrorism & violence and ended with the concrete determination of youth towards National Security-
                                "Is bar Ghawo ko Dekhna hoga Gaur Se. Is bar yahee tay kiya hai"
         (This time, we have observed the wounds very closely. This was something that I had decided.)

The keynote addresses by Shri Joginder Singh, Shri S.K.Sinha and Shri Prakash Singh conveyed their experienced views about the roots of the terrorism menace and how it should be countered by the conscious citizens and the government as an immediate need of the hour.

Opening Session
The very objective of this symposium was to materialize the roles and responsibilities at our end to fight terrorism in our day to day lives. What govt. should do and is doing is a part of spectrum that lies outside our domain, unless some of us are really interested in joining politics, army or intelligence in future. But currently, we need to hold ourselves accountable and responsible as representatives of the ‘voice of the youth of India’. So, this session was all about honest fixation of roles/responsibilities at our end. The youth delegates given their creative & practical ideas, some of which are:

  • Campaigning in our periphery such as your college, campus.
  • We must have a proper knowledge of the subject and should determine the root cause i.e. We should feel responsible be adequately informed of all national issues.
  • Necessary defence training must be given to citizens.
  • Using Emergency numbers such as police station, ambulance etc.
  •  Proliferation of unity among youth.
  • Everyone should take a stand against corruption.
  • Respect our security forces.
  • Intermingle with neighbours & build social networking.
  • Be fearless and combat fear psychology.
  • Create personal campaign.
  • Inter citizen Networking using technology.
  • Expression of views against any anti national issues through newspapers,blogs,etc.

Platform Session
The platform, for which such a great Mahayagna was organised, was in front of us now. The youth delegates were ready with their resolutions. But these were not resolutions. They were cries of the pains deep buried within hearts. And one heart wasn’t able to hold them anymore & he shouted:
               “ Marte hai sabhi, tab kaun karib hota hai,
                 Maro to shahid ki maut, tiranga to nasib hota hai.”
Some of the personal convictions taken by youth delegates were:
•    I will stop the propagation of terrorism through web & social networking sites.
•    I will not speak ill of my country.
•    I will mobilise the youth.
•    I will be a part of the administration.
•    I will vote the right person & encourage others to do so.
•    I will get physically trained for any difficult situation.
•    I will not go abroad after my studies.
•    I will reply to the editors of the newspapers.
•    I will work for the rural men.
•    To change the system you need to be a part of it so I will love to be a politician.
•    I will take responsibility of a child.
•    I will propagate message of nationalism and need for security.
We prepared a 10 point charter which was signed by all participants of  the symposium, to be send to the government .This charter was a call of youth voice for national security.  
•    Government must be accountable to the citizens with regards to national security.
•     Blame game must stop, all political parties must stand together against security threat in any form. 
•    Strengthen the intelligence agencies, provide them more autonomy.
•    A very specific security plan must be put in place, and routine review is needed.
•    State governments must not ignore security concerns, a unified central policing   system should be put in place.
•    Terror laws should be made without keeping in mind any community or religion.
•    National Identity Cards for Indian citizens should be made available.
•    Exhaustive use of technology to strengthen security, such as CCTV camera.
•    Survival Training Program & mass campaign for the citizens must be promoted.
•    Proper Coordination amongst the Defense, Home and Foreign ministry.