Netritva - The Leadership Hunt

Twenty seven teams, each team had a minimum of three and maximum of five members, each touching hundred people in the campus of Pantnagar through the surveys on concerns facing the Youth today. Thus it was around 130 students in there effort towards attracting the attention of the campus towards the issues of the day, over twenty five hundred samples of survey were found and worked upon.

NETRITVA the leadership hunt organized during Yuva 09 turned out to be a huge mobilizing force, bringing out the inherent willingness of doing good in each human. The teams were reduced to 19 in the second round that was about campaigning around the issue that they had earlier surveyed upon. The university witnessed a campaign as never before like the newspapers had slips on them that talked about the Indian culture, wall magazines calling for choosing armed forces as employment options were seen, Notice boards had messages on improving reading habits, appeal towards electricity and water conservation ran through the campus, a team did an orientation at the Tagore hostel and successfully invited VC sir to the event, another one screened a movie at the Ratan Singh Auditorium, one even organized a cricket game to spreaddd awareness of sports and games among youth, at least 14 Nukkads were done around Pantnagar on the 20th  and 21st  of January. The energy, activity and the fervor was worth being carried away with.

It was not just hard but extremely intricate task to choose teams and reject the others according to there efforts during the campaign and based upon there presentations. After trying to measure the impact of each team using the most scientific means, possible 8 teams got to the final round that took place on the 22nd January. Top six teams- Bhavisya , Vision, Lcom, Visioners, Zenith (the height) & Belligerents made it to the open house discussion. After a comprehensive discussion on the domestic and international questions and a role play of government deliberating upon the National security the round wrapped up with a group discussion on “If I win others loose”.

Defying the concept of the discussion teams believed they had won as they were capable of shattering there inhibitions and had worked for good. The impact of NETRITVA was volumes and obviously each team accomplished marvels, yet it was decided by the judges that bhavisya and zenith the height presented themselves slightly better and thus should have a special mention as the winning team.