9/11 or 26/11 are not the dates when it started, its roots are deep down, it is prevailing since time immemorial, and we- the youth of our country,  need  to be alert enough to confront and win. We should be sensitive enough to sustain the impact of the wound, the cry, the blood and havoc all around….and the deep impact of a teasing silence after destruction…  .’

With this motto in mind the exhibition on ’National Security and Youth”, was displayed at the lawn of Ratan Singh auditorium on 12-13 January, 2009.
Sri Joginder Singh ji, former Director CBI, and Vice–Chancellor, Dr. B.S Bisht inaugurated the exhibition, by cutting the ribbon and lightening the lamp, initiating YUVA’09.
The exhibition presented the numerous facts and figures related to terrorism.   Major terrorist hubs in various states/parts of country and the timeline as well as the records of the terrorist attack were displayed in the exhibition.  Picture showing the recent Mumbai attack at Taj hotel was shown on the flexes. The list of most wanted terrorists in India along with their photograph and background was also displayed 
Flexes showing the major threats, the common man’s stand against terrorism, training of girl students in madrasas to use arms and the outcomes of terrorism like, spread of fear in the minds of people, and other such prevailing problems was highly observed and noted by the participants and students.
The auspicious “DEEPSHIKHA” in front of the flexes of KRISHNA-ARJUNA, sparkled for the two days, clearly spreading the message of exhibition that men are not meant for quarrelling like cats and dogs, but for peace and harmony.

‘Animals can kill other animal, and there is no question of sin on their part, but if man kills a man for his satisfaction or for spreading any theology or religion in society then we –the creator of our future nation cannot sit idle….we have to act like ARJUNA, like BOSE, like a TRUE YOUTH and stand together against that cowardice attempts.’