National Inter-University Debate

On the shivering JAN 17 morning, sun was able to justify its presence, 13 teams from different universities across the nation were present in the Ratan Singh auditorium for National Debate competition. The lightening of lamp by Vice –Chancellor, Dr. B.S Bhist, Editor Dainik Jagran Sri Ravi Sharma and Plant Head HP Sri Venkat Nakkina signaled the beginning of the debate competition whose topic was ‘Government is solely responsible for National Security’.

On the occasion, our guide and mentor Dr. B Kumar, Head, Agricultural Communication, College of Agriculture, elaborated the theory of debating - “Debate is not a simple communication but a very specialized kind of communication. It is win-win competition because every one will learn something.” Shri. Ravi Sharma in his speech unveiled the motives of terrorists & the causes behind the abysmal situation of National security. Shri. V.Nakkina explained the importance of communication skills. He also stressed on the importance of deep knowledge& understanding of the subject you are talking about.

The first participant was Akhil Saurabh from Assam Agriculture University who pin-pointed the usage of Wi-Fi networks and cyber technology by terrorist in all recent attacks on the nation. The anger within each and everyone of Indian is not a secret and Shagun Tiwari from UPES beautifully portrayed it by saying” I am angry, from the present scenario of our country”. Shweta Joshi representing Pantnagar University speaking in support of the motion. was fair enough to ask the question “How many of you would like to take security cap?”, really a tough question to be answered by the opponents.  The next participant was Girjesh Singh Mehra, of Pantnagar University speaking against the motion. He roared and thundered the hall with his mesmerizing oratory. He not just debated but also tried to answer many questions of his opponents. Mohd. Zia Khan, from Indra Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidhyalaya was able to keep the house fix for moments when he described how ”salva judum” movement is effectively working against the rebels. Neetu Singh from Maharana Pratap University of Agticulture and technology also spoke excellently.

Sayeed Rashad Iqmal from Jamia Milia Islamia, argued that government is tailoring things in its own benefits. They are pointing to other nations for the sake of votes. Maria salman from Aligarh Muslim University came on the stage like storm and was in no mood let it settle. She quoted examples of Somalia and USA to support her view that “Govt. is an institution in which people need to have faith”. She also furnished examples from philosophy and history.

The debate continued for two days and It seemed as if in these two days, the future leaders of our nation joined together. Every moment, they cherished and shared, was memorable. However it was certainly the toughest of times for jury of Judges- Dr. M.P. Saxena, Shri. Chawan Mehra and Shri. Shyam Dutt Manali. They felt clueless to adjudge the best of the performances but the assignment of experience they were carrying was there to help them.The orators tried to exploit their experience every now and then even at the cost of burning their “Lunch”.

As the debate completed on evening of Jan 18th, the house was eager to know the winners. Vice-Chancellor Dr. B.S. Bhist distributed the trophies to the winners-Salma Maria(AMU) was adjudged the individual best orator and Grijesh Mehra won the third individual prize. Aligarh Muslim University was awarded the team prize.
It was only the end of a competition, but the bonds that our team tried to create will remain forever…