Cultural Evening (The Gawaniyaar Troup)


Imbibing the words of Swami ji “ARISE, AWAKE AND STOP NOT, TILL THE GOAL IS REACHED”, The YUVA MAHOTSAV, 2009 began with National Symposium on 12 January, 2009. As the symposium revived the churning of mind, the cultural eve reflected the revival of souls.
‘Anand Lehar’ as the name defines, brought the waves of Rajasthani music, arts and folk to Pantnagar. – a troop from Rajasthan , not only came with the aura of land of desert but also embraced the heart of every youth with the feeling of oneness, integrity and nationalism. Their programme’s concept equally stroked the theme of Yuva’09 “National Security and Youth”, thus adding more colors and vibrance to Yuva.
Jam-packed Gandhi Auditorium not only witnessed the magnate performances by Gawaniyaars but also the awakened, energized and motivated young hearts of Pantnagar and  the representatives of different. universities who participated in national symposium. Thousands of hands clapped in rhythm on the beats of ”Bharat Mero” and each one of the spectator giggled innocently like a child on the thought provoking pranks of ”Gyani Baba” which was the most cogent and venerated of all the “Kathputlies”. ”Muhphat”, another “Kathputli” with his verbatim was admired by everyone for his incessant but meaningful banter. The play depicting the outcomes of terrorism like fear in minds of people and other such problems sensitized the hearts of audience.
 The folk group was successful in propagating the message of oneness, sovereignity, integrity easily and effectively through music as it is the universal language which can touch every soul.
 The occasion was graced by the presence of Governor Sri S.K.Sinha, Vice–Chancellor Dr.B.S.Bisht , DSW Dr.A.K.Karnataka, Dr.S.K.Kashyap and most important the participants of different  universities who will be  instrumental to radiate the message of SYMPOSIUM and YUVA among others.

This can be a beginning….