Public Speaking Workshop (1st-4th May 2013)

 “You cannot speak in public without speaking in public”, said Dr. J. Kumar, Dean, College of Agriculture in one of the sessions of the public speaking workshop, organized from 1st – 4th May in the Educational Technology Cell. Public Speaking is an essential component of an individual’s persona. A person speaks by throat is merely a fallacy. To provide the students an insight of the art of speaking this workshop was structured. There were around 55 students from all the colleges of different years.
        The four day workshop was well planned with different aspects of public speaking to be worked upon. Entry Behavior was the agenda for the first day, whereby the skill to confront the public as soon as you step on the stage and the way you begin your words, was taught to the participants. Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win was the topic on which they spoke for the evaluation of the first day. Now for the next day Voice Modulation and Energy Level was targeted and the students reflected the day before learning along with their efforts to work upon their voices on the subject that Sky is Not Limited by Clouds. The message treatment which creates an overall impact of the content was taught to the students on the third day and the participants spoke on the theme that, There is Always a Vacancy at the Top. Thus, came the final day when the participants reproduced their three day learning through a motivational thought, Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration so that they even sustain their four day learning in future and put it into action. The workshop culminated with the experience sharing of the participants, felicitators who were there all the time to nurture the process and along with them was Dr.S.K.Kashyap who is always present to guide and bless us all. Finally, certificates were distributed to all the participants with a hope that they all will endure and enhance the spark of public speaking and will definitely be seen somewhere speaking in the public.