Guest Lecture on What is MBA as a a career

‘On the crossroads of career - MBA is a viable option’. MBA attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines so a guest lecture on this subject matter was organized on 14th February, 2013 at the Conference Hall of College of Agriculture. Mr. Ramanuj Mishra, our own team member who currently owns an education firm Cinque Education Ltd. where students are trained for MBA and other management entrance examinations. He primarily talked the requirement of management graduates in our country.

He said India is not a choice based country rather a need based country. Though there are multiple choices but not enough options. We all are resources of this country so we must be skilled and nurtured so as to yield maximum welfare for the nation. The youth of the country needs to be focused. One needs to decide a goal and then target to achieve it with full dedication. And for doing so there is a need to analyze and explore. Before choosing a particular stream one should gather all essential related information from all accessible sources. What one requires for MBA is asking your own self that what is your purpose behind it, building up the knowledge system and pursuing your actions with a vision. He explained the qualities a good manager should possess i.e. good communication, planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating skills.

Then there were queries put up by the students. When to start preparing for CAT was the first question that came up and the answer was, from now because more than academics what one requires is general awareness. Suitability of MBA for forestry students, necessity of the degree of MBA for social entrepreneurship, viability of distance learning MBA programmes and other such doubts were put forward. In the end, he was felicitated by Mrs. Geeta Pathak, staff counsellor, Sanskritic Chetna Parishad.