One Minute Speech Contest- November 2011

This time too, Vivekananda Swadhyay Mandal was there, to unveil a platform where students would express their thoughts, where ideas and dynamism of youth came out, where the intensity of a single driven thought provoked a minute to brief the audience with your credentials- indeed, the one- minute speech.
This month the competition was held on 19th November. The topic for this month was relevant, linking the lives of modern youth- "Can life really be enjoyed without discipline? "

CONCLUSION:     The impulsive youth of today moves unbounded. Rules, guidelines and discipline seem to be word unknown. But is it really so? Or has it simply been exaggerated? At times, life becomes extremely unorganized because of lack of planning. The course of life loses its very nature. Nature itself seldom runs out of discipline. The sun is never late to strike its rays after hours of darkness, so how can we expect any life to be fruitful without discipline? The definition of enjoyment also, varies from person to person. Some people enjoy life through singing, some through dance, some through art, others find their passion in sports and so on life moves on to end in infinite parameters. But the things that we like, we are in constant touch with them, that is, we are rigorously following them, hence there lies a discipline here! Therefore, a life without discipline does not exist at all! So, in some ways, a human cannot reach the zenith of his/her existence without following discipline in life. This discipline ultimately comes from within, once accepted in our lives. 
Winners:     Harsh Vardhan Bisht (English)
                 Himank Gupta (Hindi)

With this conclusion, the one minute speech for November ended.