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Namo Kurukshetra

Namo Kurukshetra is a life changing saga of the great Hindu scripture Mahabharata. Written in the form of compilation of many short stories, it presents before the readers the simple but effective lessons which one can learn from the various characters and instances of this epic. It highlights the life building characteristics which were exemplified by our ancestors and which form the basis of our great culture and hence provides a very fresh and significant angle of studying and learning from Mahabharata. Its thought provoking lessons, interesting examples and simplified approach instantly appeals the reader's mind and also serves as a guiding light for shaping one's persona.



Publication-15, 2016

Pages: 192

Price: Rs.100 only




The Quest of Humming Bees

The elders take life as it comes but youth challenge every decision and action. The new life-touching VSM publication THE QUEST OF HUMMING BEE ia about the confrontations and feelings of youngsters in different day to day situations. It is an interesting four-coloured booklet of about hundred pages with stories and anecdotes to answer important problems of day to day life. A must keep and must read for all. Reading it will definitely make you feel it as a story of your own life and solutions to confront your doubts with refreshingly new perspectives to take decisions and action in all situations.

Publication-14, 2014

Pages: 78





Social Entreprenurship, A Livelihood Option with Social Transformation

This document is a testimony of youth activism for sustainable development. Unemployment and lack of opportunities are much talked-about issues. Talented people use to escape this situation by flying out to foreign abodes. People in our place use to agitate against government and system inefficiency and negligence. But, some people neither escape nor blame. Theyt put themselves to give a solution in all odds. This peaceful and constructive activismneeds patience, optimism and sacrificial feeling. This has been demonstrated by the social entreprenurs who gambled their safe career to provide an answer to social problems. This document is dedicated to all such entreprenurs who accepted the challenge to give a solution. This document contains write-ups of such enthusiasts who want to seek and give a solution. It is full of youth vigor and unperishable zeal to generate a change.

Publication-13, 2014

Pages: 345




Shaping a Drudgery Free World


Youth is the real power for any country. Young people have theirdistinct views and vision of future. This book provides a range ofideas to meet human drudgery like hunger, inequality,unemployment, environment, natural resource management,education, women empowerment, social barriers etc. Thepapers are mostly written by young scholars. The papers arefrom youth of Algeria, Indonesia, Liberia, Nepal and leadingIndian institutions as Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore;Indian Institute of Management, Indore; NDRI, Karnal; PunjabAgricultural University, Ludhiana; Banaras Hindu University,Varanasi; University of Agricultural Sciences, Banglore,Karnataka; NIT, Patna; NIT, Tiruchirappalli; BITS, Mesra, Ranchi;Mahatama Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri; Dev SanskritiViswavidyalaya, Haridwar; Maharana Pratap University ofAgriculture and Technology, Udaipur; G.B. Pant University ofAgriculture & Technology, Pantnagar etc. The book alsocontains vision of experienced and enlightened protagonists.


Publication-12, 2013

Pages: 419




Exploring Swami Vivekananda


We are blessed to have Swamiji's 150th birth anniversary in our lifetime. Hewas a philosopher, a thinker, an organiser, a motivator, a social activist, arevolutionary and a protagonist. His life has immense messages for human beingsin general and the youth of the world in particular. Thinking in terms of hispersonality, vigour, power of expression, analytical skill, vision, or his spiritualimmenseness, we have unlimited opportunity to imbibe from him.This publication is a document framed by disciples who owe SwamiVivekananda at the core of their hearts. It is an effort to love that visionary saint withdiverse view-points. I trust it will provide ample light on the facets of personality ofForewordSwami Vivekananda that will be useful for the inquisitive youngsters and theveteran practitioners as well.We submit this humble effort to the passionately humanitarian dreams ofSwami Vivekananda.

Publication-11, 2013

Pages: 98




The Tenets of Hinduism


Most of the problems faced by Indian society today are due to lack of proper understanding of Hinduism. This causes lack of self confidence, immoral life, differences between people etc. Swami Vivekananda was very clear in his conviction that India can be rejuvenated only by reviving Hinduism in its purest form as presented in the Upanishads.

This small book is a small contribution to the Hidnu community to aid better understanding of Hinduism. All the ideas here are from Upanishads and Gita only. Only the presentation is slightly different in some places.

Hinduism is an art of leading a satisfied and justified life. It is an all- inclusive philosophy for betterment of society.It is beyond dogmas and discrimination. It is for all  human beings and living and non living entities of this world.It talks about peace and coherence among all. It never proclaims its superiority over any religion or thought process. These are some of the eye opening facts about pure Hinduism which is essential for understanding of all Hindus.

Publication-10, 2013

Pages: 31






Resource Booklet on Celebrating 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda


A complete book containing compilations of the entire proceedings of the first two day international conference held on the occassion of 150th birth anniversary year of our guiding light - Swami Vivekananda at the pious land of Pantnagar University, Uttarakhand, India. It is a beautiful collection of thoughts, coming directly from the deliverances of hundreds of youthful participants, as to how we can utilize his transforming thoughts and seamless passion for the betterment of life and character of people in solving the critical issues we face in todays era. It contains not only models and suggestions for solving the issues but also real life examples of such projects being run at different places and institutes in which people themselves come forward to become the change agents in society instead of waiting for someone else.

In a nutshell, a meaningful extract of the pious thoughts of hundreds of committed souls who have sensitively thought about the burning issues afflicting us today and strived to generate solutions for them.

Publication-9, 2012

Pages: 71

Price: Rs.400




A rare collection of verses on the various subtle aspects of life and human reaction and behaviour, straight from the life experiences of our mentor , Dr. Shivendra Kumar Kashyap, Anubhutiyan is an expression of his heart's feelings in Hindi. A must read for all who are bit philosophic in viewpoint, and each poem will seem to narrate your own story, your own reality, your own predicaments and feelings at one or the other juncture of life.

Publication-8, 2012

Pages: 69

Price: Rs.80




Saving Humanity: Swami Vivekanand Perspective


A compendium of all papers and views contributed by delegates all over the world in the International Youth Conference 2012 held as part of Youth Awakening Festival 2012 on the soil of G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology. The articles are written on the various topics related to the major themes of the conference i.e. Swami Vivekananda: applicability of his philosophy and thoughts in present context, Integrated development for happiness and satisfaction, Universal harmony and broader tolerance, Saving Earth: an activist approach. A unique testimony to the rare event, assimilating in itself the ideas and answers to the most pertinent issues crippling modern world, the book contains precisely 66 papers around the above themes.

Publication-7, 2012

Pages: 423

Price: Rs.400



Reaping the demographic Dividend: A case of Youth Leadership development


India has vast youth population but it should not be taken as an accomplishment as such. Indeed, it may emerge as an asset in due course but it needs a strategy to promote this youth population as a potential human resource, engaged in nation building. Young Indians need proper nurturing to emerge as youth leaders, taking responsibilities of future. Youth Awakening Festival 2011, organized at Pantnagar university was an effort to share this vision around possible avenues of Youth Leadership in the forthcoming days. We met some very successful Youth Leaders of the country in the National Symposium and saw the participation of large number of students from different universities of India in both the debate and symposium who put forth their thoughts and ideas on the subject. The outcome of the entire process of mental churning was to explore the need and ways for Youth Leadership Development, which has been included in depth in this book.

A read of this book will enable one to have an idea of our proposed model of youth leadership development which, we believe, can generate ideal Indian youth. This is based on the outcomes of our decade long experiment carried out on the soil of Pantnagar.


Publication-6, 2011

Pages: 70

Cost: For Free circulation(postal charges only)



Motivational Leadership: Swami Vivekanand Way


Is it an easy task to manage people in group situation and motivate them to act cohesively for a common cause consistently?
Is it simple to keep people motivated and enthused?
Is it possible to manage conflicts at all levels which dislocates the priority and performance of people?

Unless and until we owe sincere responsibility of mentoring our people to lead them to a better understanding of their self and surrounding, there is no hope of change. This earnest conscientiousness will promote us to strive for some basic virtues which will make us competent in managing man with a mission.
This whole book is an interesting document of human management with Swami Vivekanand as a success case.

This book goes in-depth to understand Swamiji as a communicator, motivator, manager, task-master, perfectionist, die-hard activist, crusader, change agent, leader, follower, mentor, dreamer, altruist, humanist, socialist and nationalist. One chapter is devoted to each trait. It talks about Swami Vivekanand in present perspective of purposefulness, performance and productivity.


Publication-5, 2010

Pages: 109

Cost: Rs.75 only(postal charges free)


 Antarnaad The Inner Voice


This book is a collection of feelings of the author who is also our mentor and guide, Dr. Shivendra Kumar Kashyap, written in a poetic way. He has delved deep inside his self to bring out the pearls of wisdom on various themes ranging from life, nature, divine love, suffering, death and even on the art of writing and expressing feelings. In his words,

" Life is to live, to share, to get and give. I don’t know if life is anything else than that. I earnestly oppose all diplomacy of countries, races, sects, segments who talk anything more than mere and mere humanity. Smile is the bliss and it comes when hearts are convinced that this earth is really a place worth living. Let the life be free from all isms and dogmas, to remain liberated from bigotry and segmentation. Let it remain in most beautiful nascent state."

One can find this freedom and feeling of universal acceptance in his way of writing too in which he didnt bend the words purposefully to create rhymes but rather focused on free expression of the heart's feelings. Each article gives a glimpse of some aspect of his own way of life which entails embracing everyone and everything alike. It is worth reading for sensitive souls who will find their own inner voice echoing through the words of the author.

 Publication-4, 2010


Cost: Rs.60 only



Lead Young India


Leadership is a divine and rare trait of human being. It asks for initiative and sacrifice. Country like India, with vast youth population needs to  rear potential youth leaders in all segments for future growth. Youth masses need to be conscientized and trained for future responsibilities.

This book is about an exemplary effort of leadership training and youth mobilization by Vivekanand Swadhyay Mandal at Pantnagar University. The major focus of the book is to earmark roles and characteristics of young leaders who may take lead for societal change. It details the process and outcome of Leadership Hunt Contest which is a very interesting case in context of leadership generation and youth mobilization for social change.



Publication-1, 2010

Pages: 92

Cost: Rs. 75 only(inclusive of postage charges)

E-discussion on Emotions and Sensitivity


Vivekanand Swadhyay Mandal is a divine group of inquisitive thinkers who stretch beyond their restricted fringe to think about social, economic, psychological and spiritual issues that touch the life of our country. This document is an outcome of an e-discussion on sensitivity. Young masses seem to have less control over emotions, The spell and depth of perseverance is also getting low. Reaching on extreme decisions and quipping for abrupt conclusions are also some of the symptoms of present generation. A discussion on sensitivity in such a mental frame becomes pertinent.

This discussion has been enriched by particiapation of visionary young leaders who are either studying or working in different capacities in academia or corporate. Particiapnts have touched all the aspects of sensitivity which may appear ina young, inquisitive mind and provided fresh views in a very beautiful way. Young editors have made efforts to make this document lucid to help youngsters understand few of the perspectives in deeper way.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Publication-2, 2010

Pages: 10

Cost: Rs. 10 only

E-discussion on Principles and Flexibility



This booklet is an outcome  of an e-discussion on principles and flexibility. Young masses sometimes get confused in these concepts. Is it possible to lead a life of paternal principles and ethics in today's world where the norms, standards and parameters have transformed? Flexible and pratical approach is the mantra of time rather than rigidity of values and principles. 

The vision behind this effort is to endow our young generation with true Vidya, the insight, the decision taking ability, the judgemental capacity and the life skills. The young participants have pushed their brains to touch all crucial aspects of topicwhich may appear in day to day life. Putting views on such abstract issue and its documentation is difficult, still young leaders have done it nicely. This document will provide answers to young, inquisitive minds and provide a food for further thought and action.



Publication-3,  2010

Pages: 10

Cost: Rs. 10 only



Humans have conquered the Everest, landed on the moon and measured the depth of oceans. But the greatest challenge lies in conquering none other than his (read: or her) own self.
Ever since the break up of cardinal dawn, and from the time he have collected the consciousness, he is in perpetual quest for the real truth, the very purpose of existence.
Aahuti is thus a small but significant attempt in aiding a person in this journey for excellence and perfection. This is not just a story of X or Y , but of each one of us, to make one realize the subtle facts of life, of human relationships, of true nature of feelings and emotions.
The story in itself is rich in content, diction and creating and keeping reader's interest intact all through. The background and character portrayal is so vivid that you can actually visualise the incidents and live with the characters.
So, in a nutshell this story is a must read for all in quest for the real 'purpose of existence'.


Publication-1, 2007

Pages: 120

Cost: Rs.80 only



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