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 Book Stall at Farmers Fair(4th-7th October, 2013)

With great zeal and fervour, VSM team set up its book stall at Farmer's fair this semester fuelled by a selfless passion and team spirit of spreading good thoughts in the society around. Arranging books from Delhi and nearby places, setting them up daily for four days and managing classes and stall duty parallely throughout the day are some of the challenges which team handles very effectively for this noble cause.  In this process they gain uncountable joyful moments of sharing, cooperation with team members and easily learn leadership, team work and responsibility.

It was the 21st time our book stall showed its assortments with full clout. An eclectic assortment of literature were introduced including inspirational books, fictional works, books on and by Swami Vivekananda, hindi literature, sacred scripts, books by contemporary writers, story books especially for kids, religious song’s DVDs and so on. Following the previous kisan mela’s trend the t-shirts were introduced with a new logo- “Touch your infinity” and were an immense knockout. Decoration team made sure that the stall looked exquisite. The “creative corner” of the stall and the decoration themes for the days which were- food, electronics, and cosmetics were demonstrated effectively by first year students under the supervision of seniors in their efforts towards spreading attentiveness vis-à-vis such health concerns.


 One Minute Speech Contest (30th Sept, 2013)

The multiple tremendous efforts of VSM for upbringing youth with fabulous colours include MONTHLY ONE MINUTE SPEECH CONTEST, in which contestants test their speaking debut in just one minute. It is indeed a learning and nurturing platform where scores of students try to cross the limits of hesitation, fear and procrastination. Kudos to the organisers who have organised it ceremoniously every month for last few years. SRI SHIV JI ARORA, CA, Rudrapur and his institute, SIX SIGMA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY has generously sponsored this important event since inception.

Study Circle(13thSept, 2013)

A study circle was organized on the significant theme "Transforming Knowledge into Wisdom" on Sept 13, 2013. The gathered students discussed on the topic and realized that deep inside all of us recognize what is right and what is not i.e. all of us have the knowledge of how we should behave under different circumstances and what is the ideal path. It is the one which is distinguished by truth, honesty and humanity; yet we do not dare to follow the right path in life most of the times. The churning of thoughts concluded that it is due to the fact that we are often easily influenced by the wrong doings of others and tend to follow the easy, enticing but immoral path in life. In order to be firm in our principles, we should not let the wrong doings of others falter us anytime. For this, we also need to inculcate strong values in children from their early childhood and act as precedents of moral behaviour in front of them so that they become firm in moral values and principles from beginning and dont let anything in life deviate them from righteousness; only then we will be able to successfully tranform our knowledge into wisdom and act wisely.


P D Workshop for Freshers(8th Sept, 2013)

An unique workshop on Motivation and Personality Management for freshers of College of Technology, Pantnagar was organised on 8th September, 2013 by VSM team. A very fruitful, interactive and rejuvenating workshop with over-whelming participation of freshers.

Ankita Adhikari from frst year writes, " I got a platform to introspect my abilities and ambitions for the first time." Priyanka Negi from frst year expresses, "I learnt that nothing could really be achieved without coming out from our comfort zones for which I am committed now." Aashish Rawat writes, "My learning was that lets do something worthwhile in this short spell of life." Shubham Goel expresses, "I shall work with myself from today on time management and stretching limits," Ghanshyam Singh tells, "I have carried my qualities as a load but now, its enough. I shall fruitfully utilise it for myself and my surrounding." Every participant was with an over whelming response. Credit goes to seniors of VSM team who nurtured their juniors in such effective manner. Long live this spirit of learning and supporting others to grow. It is our Pantnagar culture.

Run For Nation(11th Sept, 2013)
On 11th September, the eve of Chicago Address of Swami Vivekananda; a nation - wide campaign Run For Nation was organized. Even Pantnagar University stood with the nation hand to hand, shouting slogans early in the morning to show solidarity for a corruption free, economically strong and an awakened nation.

More than 400 students gathered at the University Stadium early in the morning which was a rarest of the rare sight. Registrar, Dr. J.P.Pandey; Dean Student Welfare Dr. D.S.Murthy; Dean, College of Agriculture, Dr.J.Kumar and other eminent faculty members were present to boost up the vigour and vitality of the young masses. Youth taking initiative, overcoming their physical limitations and standing strong against any kind of wrong, so as to build up a nation of Vivekananda’s dream, was the feeling shared by all. Those present today in the rally truly depicted their passion and dedication for their country. The rally on reaching its destination point Gandhi Bhawan ended on a strong declaration of all the students present there, that forever they shall keep away from addiction and corruption and shall live a selfless life.

 One Minute Speech Competition (30 August 2013)

Yet another beginning of a program, which challenges to dare yourself to come and rule the stage just for a minute. The semester’s first One Minute Speech Contest was organized on 30th August in the Educational Technology Cell, College of Agriculture. The topic for the day was, Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining.  More than 60 students from all the colleges, especially first year people were there to present their views on the topic. The participants talked about how the validity of the idiom and how does that applies to one’s life. They discussed about being optimistic and fearless and how fight back the different hardships of life. They tried to portray different aspects of the topic and their relevance. Before the result were announced, the judges shared their views on the topic and their experience of judging such a speech contest. The results were as follows:

English : 1. Shweta Gupta (3rdyr, COT)                  2. Sweta Kandpal( 3rdyr, COT)

Hindi :    1. Harshita Negi (2ndyr, COA)                   2. Kanchan Kandpal (3rdyr, COT)



Sankalp Meet (24-25 August 2013)

A get together is a great feeling of affection, attachment, exchange of positive ideas, lots of fun and hence creation of eternal bonds and relations that remain throughout the life. Such was  Sankalp 2013 which took place on 24-25 August. ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. Thus a healthy start of the day took place on 24th morning with a refreshing yoga session at the Lambert Square Guest House followed by an interactive session with Kashyap sir. After the lunch, the further sessions were carried out at the ET cell, College of Agriculture which became the hub for the junior senior interaction. At 2pm, a formal inaugural session took place where all the dignitaries were present which included Dr. J. Kumar, Dean Agriculture, Dr. A. K. Karnatak, former DSW and other eminent staff members. All those on the dice shared their feelings about Sankalp. Then, a small activity was conducted for an introduction between the juniors and the alumni which made the environment joyful. A formal career oriented session followed the activity.  Next, was the most awaited session of the eve where we had some very mesmerizing singing performances by our own team members as well as by the Community Radio team.  Ultimately the day concluded with a common dinner and lots of learning to carry back home.

The second day initiated with the prayer session that refreshes our souls. Then the day went ahead with a presentation about the events held in the past year and a discussion about the strengths, weaknesses and the convictions to be carried forward in the upcoming years. This SWOT analysis strengthens our process and the spirit to be with it. Seniors with their life examples very beautifully taught about sustaining the VSM culture, values and ethics.

After the lunch, the atmosphere was totally energetic and to add up to this enthusiasm, we conducted a little fun game of acting and guessing idioms which also added up to the nostalgia of the alumni present there. Another session was about the discussions related to YUVA 2014 and other activities to be added and conducted in the coming year. As it is our annual meet so both the teams inside and outside Pantnagar got the chance to retrospect their roles and responsibilities.

Sankalp Alumni Group felicitated Dr. J Kumar, Dean, College of Ag for his academic acumen and organizational capability and vision. 

After this, the current team members of Pantnagar shared their feelings and experiences of two days in which they acknowledged the aggravation of spirits by mere presence and friendly touches of seniors. Then the alumni came forward to convey their vision and anticipation for VSM and also applauded the current team for their mammoth efforts in making every event successful by owning them whole heartedly and also pledges for the support and role alumni can offer to strengthen the current team so as to together achieve the big targets of VSM. 

Finally the meet finally culminated with our favorite VSM song, creating the positive aura of what VSM is all about and determined us all over again to embrace the togetherness. 

The two days duration of Sankalp was seeming fleeting at the moment but now when we see the retrospective, we have mustered heaps of joy, enthusiasm and some of the sweetest memories to cherish forever…




 Ek Shaam Shaheedon Ke Naam (14th August, 2013)

"Freedom is not the right to do as you please, but the liberty to do as you ought. Today, the country has freedom but few realize its essence."

Ek Shaam Shaheedon Ke Naam – a multimedia show was organized on August 14th to pay homage to all the martyrs of freedom struggle. The show does not delivers a mere notion of entertainment instead ignites a spark in an individual giving him an instinct to serve the nation.
The event initiated with the lamp lightening by the esteemed guests and a brief introduction about VSM and its activities by the students. The central theme of the show was to make people understand the significance of our freedom. There was a young boy who had various suspicions in his mind regarding the freedom struggle, sacrifice of life, and its relevance in present day context. The sutradhaar is the person who answers all the queries of the young lad, depicting to him the lives of great men and women who sacrificed their lives for the nation and then relating it to present day scenario.  Subhash Chandra Bose, Lala Lajpat Rai, Chandrashekhar Azad, Khudiram Bose, and Rani Lakshmibai were the martyrs whose character was portrayed. People who while being students did exemplary work in the service of nation were shown as role models in the end. The historic events depicted and their impact was heart-touching. The Gandhi hall was jam-packed with students sitting even on the floor everywhere and enjoying the spirit of freedom. The completion of the show was marked by the words of the esteemed guests and the national anthem which is again a high boost of inspiration for one and all. Ultimately, it is the love of the country that keeps glowing the fire of patriotism and it must be glow forever in our hearts.The concept, presentation, environment and impact was so deep that even the dignitaries were word-less by the end. It was nice to see the message going so focused.


 Public Speaking Workshop (1st-4th May 2013)

“You cannot speak in public without speaking in public”, said Dr. J. Kumar, Dean, College of Agriculture in one of the sessions of the public speaking workshop, organized from 1st – 4th May in the Educational Technology Cell. Public Speaking is an essential component of an individual’s persona. A person speaks by throat is merely a fallacy. To provide the students an insight of the art of speaking this workshop was structured. There were around 55 students from all the colleges of different years.>>>

Extempore Contest (30th April 2013)

The One Minute Speech Contest now turned into an Extempore Contest which is all the more thrilling, challenging and learning. The first contest was successfully organized on March 8th at the Educational Technology Cell of the College of Agriculture. Though it is not an easy task to speak on a topic within a limited timeframe without any preparation, but still the participants did quite well. Their effort and the courage with which they stood up to speak were worth appreciation.>>>



 Tilak Chandan (19th May 2013)

Its not a farewell but our unique way of sharing our love and care for our passing out batch each year which we fondly call Tilak Chandan. Adorned in traditional dresses of sarees and dhoti kurtas, the final year batch was welcomed by their juniors in a divine and pious ambience. After that were lined up few meaningful activities to understand the process of seniors nurturing and mentoring the juniors and together coming up as a unique VSM family with a mission of selflessly serving the society. Slowly the air got heavy as final year batch shared their memories, learnings, experiences with nostalgic emotions. Everyone had a guiding message and unrelenting warmth for their juniors with a promise to preserve the bond they had created here.

Chaafi Trip (5th May 2013)

Nestled in the serene mountains is the horticulture farm of our mentor Shri Sudhir Chaddha ji, the enterpreneur who despite having engineering background, revolutionized India's place in horticulture farming by importing the exotic techniques from Holland out of his passion and grit of doing something unique and serving the country at the same time. Our team of about 80 students reached there and spent the entire day enjoying the nature, flowers and also reiterated our common vision and roots of national and social welfare and strengthening the faith on our own selves. This trip serves as a booster for our first year students who are new to VSM family as they mingle with everyone easily through this exposure trip.


 Holi Celebration (21st March 2013)

The spirit of colors defines the dynamism of life. In the canvas of human life, the vibrancy of colors is what enhances and exuberates its essence and these are the colors of love, happiness, satisfaction, learning, enjoying, sharing and caring. To rejoice this quintessence of colors the VSM family gathered at SSM for the Holi celebration on 21st March around 6:30 a.m.

The celebration started on a point that we all celebrate Holi but what its actual significance is, the thought with which the people would have started the festival of Holi. The festival is meant to spread colors and happiness in others’ lives. We are only entailed in the business of gathering happiness for our own selves rather life is to share and spread the feeling of love and knowledge. With this fervor, we all gathered around the map of India made on the soil and put some color into it to bestow our due respect and actions to our motherland to spread the same colors, cheerfulness and prosperity in the whole country. Then reiterating the VSM song together invigorated the sensation of service. Finally came the fun moments where all the members of the family were with colored faces all enjoying the hues and tints of gulal.

Book Stall at Farmers Fair (8-11th March 2013)

Another successfully organized book stall at Kisaan mela( Farmer’s Fair), coming up to the 20th one this time. Preparations and plans towards the stall occupied every soul right from first year to final year. Books were to be brought, decoration team had to plan & beautify the stall, day incharges were levied with heavy work and so forth.  Our purpose of providing the students of the university as well as the inhabitants of Pantnagar, with a good literature remained the same with fervent contribution by first year. 
A wide variety of books are featured including motivational books, books on and by Swami Vivekananda, fictional works, hindi sahitya, religious texts, books by modern writers, story books especially for kids, DVDs and so on.  This time the t-shirts were also kept for sale which was a big hit among the student masses. The “Creativity Corner” and the theme of the four days which were, effects of electronic gadgets, say no to junk food, importance of physical exercises and health and sanitation was managed by first year students under the guidance of senior members deserves a special mention, in their efforts towards spreading awareness regarding such critical social issues. 
The four day fair affair which started from 8th March eventually was a great experience for the entire team where one could witness integrated work. Every helping hand and a smiling face contributed gracefully in setting another record with the highest sale up till now.

Guest Lecture on What is MBA as a career (14th Feb, 2013)

‘On the crossroads of career - MBA is a viable option’. MBA attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines so a guest lecture on this subject matter was organized on 14th February, 2013 at the Conference Hall of College of Agriculture. Mr. Ramanuj Mishra, our own team member who currently owns an education firm Cinque Education Ltd. where students are trained for MBA and other management entrance examinations. He primarily talked the requirement of management graduates in our country.>>>

Vivekanand Study Circle

Every Thursday, study circle is organized in the evening whereby one article of a chapter from the book Awakening India is discussed. In the past month four study circles have been conducted.  Section 1 of the book dealing with the message of Swamiji to the youth, is under conversation. Having ideals in our life provide us a stake, within this Indian soil lies great strength and thus we all possess that indomitable power, we must believe in ourselves and have aatma shraddha as this is what differentiates a weak and a strong person, struggle is the key to learn and unveil the truths of life; all these were the concluding lessons that came up through that hour long churning of Swami Vivekananda’s thoughts.


 One Minute Speech Competition (9th February, 2013)

Yet another one minute dare contest where students came to shred off their stage fear. This month, one minute speech contest was organised on 9th February and the topic was "Is the language of medium of instruction, a hindrance in the growth of the country?" The judges for the day were Dr. Shailesh Tripathi, Associate Professor, Horticulture and Dr. Subhash Chandra, Associate Professor, Agronomy. >>>

Youth Awakening Festival 2013 (12-23rd January 2013)

International Youth Conference on Shaping a Drudgery Free World (12-13th Jan, 2013)

We are blessed to witness 150th birth anniversary of the patriotic monk, Swami Vivekananda in our lifetime. International Youth Conference at Pantnagar is a humble testimony to his contributions. The theme of the conference was 'Shaping a Drudgery Free World - Swami Vivekananda's Perspective'. About 300 eminent delegates from all over the world which included participants from Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc. were present in the conference.>>>

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