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Ek Shaam Shaheedon Ke Naam (11th September, 2012)

The adversity suffered and the hardships faced by men all over the nation for the freedom of their Motherland.
Today, the Motherland is independent but no one is to care for her independence.

– a cultural event organized by Vivekanand Swadhyay Mandal and Sanakritic Chetna Parishad to pay homage to all the martyrs of freedom struggle as well as to those who are still in service of nation, sacrificing their comforts. The day, 11th September, was chosen to commemorate 119th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s historical speech at World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago. >>>

Guest Lecture on "Essentials of facing campus interviews"(6th september, 2012)

 A guest lecture was organized on 6th September, 2012, on the topic- “How to be successful in campus interviews”. Mr. Sumit Doseja is the Plant Head at Minda Corporation Ltd., Rudrapur- SIDCUL plant. He is a prolific speaker and a distinguished person who has a deep concern for the youth. A socially active person and a devotee of Swami Vivekanand, Shri Doseja, did his B.Tech from Babashib Ambedkar University, after which he joined Minda Corporation. >>>


Study Circle on Education for Man Making

A study circle was organized on 25th August, 2012 on the topic: Education for man-making, in accordance with the sub-theme for International Youth Conference-2013. It was organized by Gaurav Raj Chauhan(3rd year) & Rasna Kandpal(2nd year).

 The event started with the etymological meaning of the word education, which in Latin means to bring forth what is within, from the word educare. The training by which expression of will are brought under control is called education. >>>


Sankalp Meet (18- 19th August, 2012)

A family get together where there was an amazing amalgamation of love, guidance, fun, resource sharing and thus a platform to create new bonds as well as strengthen the older ones! The VSM alumni meet, Sankalp 2012, which took place on 18th-19th August. The alumni had started gathering in Pant Nagar from 17th morning, so an interactive session was organized on the evening which gave us an insight about our uniqueness and awareness.
‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. Thus a healthy start of the day took place with a yoga session on 18th morning at Lambert Square Guest House which proceeded with an inspiring and enthusiastic session for the alumni with Kashyap sir. At 2p.m. after the lunch the CBSH Conference Hall became the centrestage for the senior junior interaction where rest of the sessions carried out. The meet initiated in the presence of dignitaries and well wishers. >>>

Tilak Chandan organised with inspiration and sensitivity (6th May, 2012)

Tilak Chandan is the farewell function of VSM family but it is an event with a difference. The whole team collects to pay a gratitude to passing-out senior members in an environment of inspiration and sensitivity. This year also, the event was organised with zeal. The junior batches prepared the profile display of each senior,  video, a booklet, title cards and memento for each senior.

In words of Anup Uniyal, the VSM team mate of 2002 batch, presently workinh at USA,  who joined the event this year:

"Little seem to be changed, when I saw a bunch of seniors making last minute preparation for the grand show and the attire of course! Some divine force continued to conspire in our favor as a mandatory trip scheduled for the agri. seniors got cancelled at last minute, allowing them to be a part of this auspicious occasion called Tilak Chandan.....The venue was sanctified with some careful yet serene setup; with the ever radiating image of Swamiji posing affront. The event was carried out in yet another lively spirit, giving seniors chance to share their experiences, juniors to express their gratitude and fostering an environment of mutual love and reverence for all, and commitment for a better future ahead. I was really excited to know the zealous team members and the stupendous efforts towards excellence being carried out with same vigor as have been demonstrated from one generation to other.  Roles and responsibilities for the upcoming generation were assigned; with an assurance that the seniors will continue to be the supporting pillars and an asset to any organization/society they will be a part of. The event culminated by the blessings of Sir and Bhabhiji to the final year junta, and then was the time for Paparazzi. Not to forget the delicious refreshments, that was well complemented by informal discussions and witty banters.... I dived back to the golden days, of the four years of togetherness and all-round development; fun-filled moments with sensitive realizations; working with meager resources for a grand event and then relishing the accomplished goals after sweating hard in unison. Time never comes back; but we can always go back in time to have that reassuring dialogue that  divine moments created will always be everlasting and be the fulcrum of future. "

Public Speaking Workshop (22-25th April 2012)

The public speaking workshop for this semester was held from 22nd to 25th April. Registrations began a week ago and were restricted to forty participants. On the first day, Dr. S.K. Kahyap told the participants about public speaking. He defined it as an effective form of communication where one can influence people merely by speaking skills. He told that speaking is more than an art; it is rather an experience, of the things one can visualize. Therefore, purpose of speech is essential at every junction. Videos were shown about great orators like Hitler addressing a large gathering of army men prior to World War II. >>>

Study Circle on 'Emergence of Political Parties in India' (27th April, 2012) 

A study circle on ‘emergence of political parties in India’ was organized on 27th April, 2012. It was discussed in two references: pre-independence period and post-independence period. In pre-independence period the main cause for emergence of political parties was the attainment of freedom for India. In post-independence period the main reasons include regional needs and language and ideological differences. >>>

Monthly One minute Speech Competition (19th April, 2012)

The 7th one minute speech competition was successfully organized for this month. This time the topic was quite debatable, Which system of evaluation is better for students’ growth: Internal or External. There were 22 participants in total speaking in both Hindi & English. The competition was held at Conference hall, Agriculture College. Most of the students favored external system of evaluation stating that result solely depends upon our performance. On the contrary, it happens in internal system that students who have a better impression, than the rest of others, are likely to get benefit. Additional features like pre/postponement of exams is possible in an internal system. Student can also focus upon extra co-curricular activities in an internal system. The end results were as follows :
Hindi :  1st- - Vikas Mangal, College  of Agriculture   
            2nd- Tanuja Jukariya, College of Home Science
English: 1st- Pranav Kumar, College of Technology
            2nd- Deepti Kothari, College of Home Science

Study Circle on 'How to be Scientific Yet Spiritual?' (7th April, 2012)

A study circle was held on Saturday, 7th April on a very interesting yet normally less discussed topic- “How to be scientific yet spiritual?” The discussion started with an intriguing question; what actually is spirituality? The audience came up with many answers such as realization of ourselves that we are not merely a body made of organic substances but a “spirit” or soul. Being spirited means to have a positive energy from within which always directs us to go on to the right path.
Kashyap sir told us about three driving forces of our life-“Tamas”, related to inactivity, “Rajas”, related to intense ambition and “Satva”, which is a balance of both. If our life is driven by “Satva” we live a spirited life. When we talk about ‘self actualization’, which we often confuse with spirituality, is actually the last stage of it and very few people are destined to attain it. But we can all be spiritual in life even without renunciation. When we live a spiritual life our mind and inner voice never contradict each other. >>>

Hindu New Year (22nd March, 2012)

On the occasion of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, the Hindu New Year, a hawan was organised at Kashyap Sir’s home from 8am. It was wonderful occasion for the entire family to get together & start the new year in each other’s divine company & by paying homage to the Mother Nature & Bharat Ma. The hawan culminated with sahbhoj, singing of bhajans & a short discourse on the importance of preserving our cultural roots & values by celebrating such occasions of cultural, emotional & social value. Celebrations like these are an attempt to preserve the seed of our culture & values & goodness in our bosom so that we may spread them to others & to our posterity.

One Minute Speech Competition(25th March, 2012)
One Minute Speech Competition was organised on the topic “Indian Culture is against gender equality”. It was heartening to see man 1st & 2nd year team members come forward to stand in public & speak. The points brought out by the participants were:

    * For—They raised the current issues of widespread female foeticide, infanticide, the falling sex ratio discriminatory treatment of the girl child, disparity in wages of men & women & sexual abuse of women. Also the point was raised that since ancient times men have dominated women & women have been subordinated to men from their roles in ritual & ceremonies to the fact that after marriage it is the bride that leaves her home to live with the grooms family. >>>


 Book Stall at AFarmersFair (15-18th March, 2012)

VSM successfully organized the book stall at Kisaan mela( Farmer’s festival), this time too. Preparations and plans towards this stall occupied every soul right from first year to final year. Books were to be brought, decoration team had to plan & arrange the shop, day-incharges’ were levied with heavy work and so forth.  Our purpose of providing the students of the university as well as the inhabitants of Pantnagar, with a good literature remained the same with invigorating contribution by first year members. >>>

Orientation for Tata Dhan Academy (17th February, 2012)

Tata Dhan Academy is an institute in India for development managerial skills in young students, but with a difference! An orientation program of this academy was held on 17th February at Conference hall, College Of Agriculture. Our very alumni, Mr. Yogesh Bhatt, who is pursuing his post-graduation from Tata Dhan Academy (TDA), was assisted by a prominent faculty of the institute, Mr. T. Nagarajan.
Mr. Nagarajan initiated the program by informing the students about the various courses offered by the institute. He laid stress on rural development in today’s scenario. Considering the fact that more than 60% population of Indian community still lives in villages, where development is yet miles away; he continued that development is incomplete until and unless it reaches a common person. Mr. Bhatt then proceeded, sharing his experiences and giving an insight about the life at TDA. The PDM (Program in Development Management) was designed very carefully keeping in mind the rising demand in public sector. He culminated beautifully by expressing his gratitude towards TDA that, “not merely development professionals but even development missionaries are created at TDA”.

 One Minute Speech Competition (12th February 2012)

The one-minute speech competition for this month was held on 12th February. It is a platform provided to the students of the University to express themselves in public. With the motive to constantly test one’s progress and overcome one’s inhibitions of public speaking, the competition is organised once every month wherein the participants present their views on a pre-decided topic for one minute. The skills of content designing, verbal and non-verbal communication are put to a thorough test within that short time span. >>>

 Personality Development Workshop for VSM Team (4th-7th February, 2012)

The main motto of this Public speaking workshop (PS) was to improve public speaking skills and to enhance the personality of VSM members. The program was administered by the senior students of our society. The program was divided for four days. On the first day, teams were made and an activity in time management was convened. In this activity a common situation was given to all the teams and based on their feedback many important things were concluded, as to how we can manage time. Every time a new challenge strikes, actually it is an opportunity for us to strengthen our self. The second day session was on developing leadership qualities. >>>

Lamp Lightening by Shri Pranav Pandya, Head, Gayatri Pariwar

Youth Awakening Festival 2012(12-23rd January, 2012)

G . B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar has organized International Youth Conference on Youth for Integral Humanism, the first conference of its kind to commemorate Swami Vivekananda’ s 150th birth anniversary.
The conference was organized on 12-13 Jan 2012 in Pantnagar to bring the learned scholars and youth on same platform to discuss the relevance of Swami Vivekananda and his thoughts in present context. The conference witnessed more than 300 participants along with few foreign delegates. The participant group was varied ranging from professionals across the country to students representing universities covering whole of India from Meghalaya in East to Rajasthan in West and Tamil Nadu in South to Punjab in North to foreign delegates from neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya and Uganda. >>>

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